Health Care Analytics

Guidance for Private Practices, Community Clinics, and Hospital-Linked Services

Health care provider organizations are increasingly rated for their efficiency. Efficiency is judged by collective indications of the quality of care they deliver, level of patient engagement, resulting health status, and the costs to achieve these outcomes. Future payment reform will rely on these multiple outcomes for reimbursement and incentives for excellence in organization administration and clinical management. Ultimately, they benefit patient well-being.

CHI Health Care Analytics helps provider organizations achieve their “Triple Aim” goals. This is accomplished by providing core measurements and evidence-based guidance to administrators and clinical managers who can then make smarter decisions that improve health service outcomes. CHI creates measurement and analysis methods that are reliable, valid, and most notably can be applied in due course by the organization’s staff.

With CHI Health Care Analytics, the provider organization can:

  • Transform patient clinical and fiscal data into predictive insights that guide administrative-clinical management
  • Predict which patients will do well with standard care and those who will need additional support to achieve care quality, patient engagement, health status, and cost goals
  • Maximize the productivity of clinical staff, services, and programs
  • Guide Prevention of adverse events with high risk patients
  • Measure the social factors that facilitate and can become barriers to patient engagement
  • Perform statistical analyses on an as-needed basis to support the organization’s staff who are evaluating programs
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