Marijuana is the next Big Tobacco

Colorado: $135.2 Million in Marijuana Sold in March, New Monthly Record

The new data brings the state’s total for 2018 to $365 million, a 6% increase from the same period in 2017. This puts the state on track to sell around $1.6 billion in marijuana for 2018, which would be a slight increase from the $1.5 billion sold in 2017 (and a considerable increase over the $1.3 billion sold in 2016).

More worrisome than the amount sold is the number of people who must be impaired in Colorado; employees going to work, driving in cars, parenting children. How did this happen? And why does it seem so many are ok with it? I’ve heard: “The train has already left the station” and “It’s bringing in SO much money, we just can’t argue about it” and “It’s what voters voted for”. Marijuana is bringing in money just like…who was that deceptive group that was caught, sued and LOST intending to addict people with their products years ago? Oh yeah…Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco is also just waiting in the shadows to turn big marijuana into the next big tobacco; where the prices will drop increasing access and availability to all, including kids. Voters did not vote for this amount of marijuana to be consumed in their beautiful state. Voters thought the dollars would go to schools. A very small amount of money makes it to Colorado schools.

What are our elected officials thinking when they allow yet one more pot shop or grow operation in our small, family-friendly towns? Aren’t you tired of walking through clouds of marijuana and tobacco smoke in public spaces; or having to tolerate the stoned server at the local eatery?

I am convinced there is a silent majority out there who does not want this kind of consumption to envelop our great state. Speak up, silent majority!